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Default Rename files Trouble (can't reply in the forum see the edit)


When I renamed files pressing F2 or slow double clicking in the file, the name of the file used to be selected but not the file type, for example I have a file Movie.avi if I pressed F2 it just selected Movie not the .avi part, so it was easy changing names without messing the file types. But I found my 1 year old son smashing the keyboard and the mouse and has changed something beacuse now Flashfxp when I press F2 it selects the whole name MOVIE.AVI, so its a pain changing names now... I can't find the option or shortcut to enable this again... Please Help!!

I have Windows XP and Flash FXP 4.1.3 (build 1658)



I have tried to post a reply but it doesn't let me, firtly I want to thank the reply and the help but I have checked if the shift key is stuck but it isn't I can perfectly write 2 instead of " (shift+key2), and I have also checked the sticky keys beacuse maybe it was that but it is disabled so it wasn't that either.

There must be a keyboard shortcut or option that enables / disables this, as nothing has changed just my son was pressing random keys and clicking the mouse, and before that worked and after it doesn't, so after cheking with another keyboard the only possible thing is that there is a shortcut or option that has enabled the extension selection.

This feature is really important for me so any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks for the help.

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