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Default Is FlashFXP v4.1 unstable or crashing? Please let us know.

Hello Everyone,

I have determined that quite a few of our users are experiencing problems with the new 4.1 release, we're working hard to get these issues resolved asap.

The update we released yesterday fixed all known issues except one.

This last issue we're trying to get resolved was somewhat of a mystery because we haven't had anyone come forward and report the problem. We've only seen the issue come up via crash reports. Over the past few weeks I've put many hours into testing FlashFXP trying to reproduce the issue but have been completely unsuccessful.

Tonight however I believe I have narrowed down the problem to an issue with the FPU (floating point unit) stack which leads to the critical failure. (specifics can be found here)

I am working on a fix and I need people who are specifically experiencing application crashes to test it.

If FlashFXP is crashing please take a moment to let us know. We need as much details as possible. (what we need)

Thank You

Best Regards,
Charles DeWeese
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