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Thank you for your comments.

1. Our intent wasn't to force the new button theme on existing users and I am just now realizing the full impact of the change. The default button theme has an undefined value, the same undefined value as a new installation. When the default button theme was changed from tango it effected everyone and not just new installations.

During the beta phase this was not clearly brought to my attention do to the fact that at one point we were forcing everyone to use the tango theme (to find bugs/flaws in it).

2. Are you referring specifically to the transfer progress bar or the transfer status panels that contain the transfer status text?

There used to be a setting way back in 3.6 that controlled the update rate of the transfer progress bar, this option was eventually eliminated and the faster rate became default. To the best of my knowledge this is still in effect but it was never brought to my attention during the beta phase, I will need to investigate this further to determine if there is an issue.
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