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Originally Posted by TBolley View Post
so tell me why i get much faster speed with RushFTP ?

edited i test same connection with FlashFXP_3_6_1240 works perfect no speed problems, also my question why my key dont work anymore inside ?

please give me some key for it to get worked again.

btw any link avaible to download older version of FlashFXP like some Release Archive ?


I wish I could explain it but this is a common issue with not just FlashFXP but with all file transfer clients, depending on the system hardware/configuration and 3rd party software installed some clients perform better than others, there doesn't appear to be any obvious answer.

In a previous post you stated you were using Windows 7 correct? FlashFXP 3.6 runs in compatibility mode on Vista/Win7, when an application runs in compatibility mode the way its treated by the operating system changes, how it changes is a bit of a mystery because Microsoft doesn't let us know everything.

I've seen cases where FlashFXP v3.6 running in compatibility mode on Windows 7 isn't subject to certain rules defined by 3rd party firewalls, its as if the 3rd party firewall software doesn't even know FlashFXP is running. In addition to firewalls I've seen similar behavior from 3rd party traffic shaping applications where they're unable work with FlashFXP 3.6 in compatibility mode.

You can retrieve your v3.6 license key via the customer portal.

Since v3.6 runs in compatibility mode its an invalid comparison to v4.0 which doesn't. I'm 90% certain that if v3.6 didn't run in compatibility mode you would probably see similar results to v4.0, unfortunately I don't think this is something we can even test.

On my system FlashFXP v3.6 is much slower compared to FlashFXP v4.0, about 45% slower for uploads and 30% slower for downloads.

We can provide you with specific versions/builds for testing, just let us know which ones you're interested in.
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