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I am using Windows 7 x64
I use Eset Security Suite which has a rule to allow full control to FlashFXP; however, when I noticed that FlashFXP was super slow while CuteFTP was super fast, I disabled all security to try the uploads again - still the same speed. Even with firewall/av turned off, still see slow speeds.

My boss said he talked to our rep at the internet provider who told him that their tech did something to our packet sizes, that they changed their system to break up our packets into smaller chunks rather than large chunks. I didn't really understand it and he didn't explain a lot of details to me. He did also say that they increased out speed.

When I tried an upload later on, I noticed that FlashFXP was upping an 80meg file at about 320kbps while Cute was pushing at about 4Mbps.
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