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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, there is a defect that prevents logging when global logging is turned off and "store logs in unique session folders" is checked. As a result FlashFXP fails to create the session folder for the scheduled task which in turn causes logging to fail.

This will be addressed in the next release.
Just for reference, I did not have "Store logs in unique session folders" checked. In fact, nothing on the Logging section was checked and all the other controls were dithered. The scheduled job was able to create a folder for the logs without a problem (%AppData%\FlashFXP\4\Logs\Schedule\schedulename\) , but it never wrote logs until I enabled it globally.

I noticed today after it successfully ran that it created a unique session folder anyway, even though that option is unchecked. The folder name was the date/time (2011-10-03_23.45.01).

4.1.1 (build 1651) is what I am using.
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