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Originally Posted by jeresmith25 View Post
Ok just noticed that my tvix box reboots during the transfer for some reason. Now I am not sure if its tvix settings or flashfxp...I dont know if flashfxp is causing the tvix to reboot or is the tvix rebooting which is causing flaskfxp to stop...

What does the error really mean? My tvix works fine besides with rebooting at all.
FTP protocol does not provide any facility to remotely reboot a server. So if your server is rebooting while using ftp, then it's obvious there's some critical bug/problem with that server.
It's irrelevant if FlashFXP is causing your server to reboot or if your server reboots and causes FlashFXP to disconnect. An FTP server is not supposed to crash/reboot when a client connects to it. So you should contact support for that box and have them address this problem.
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