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Default Flashfxp to Tvix 6500

I am trying to transfer files from my pc to tvix box using flashfxp and I keep getting "Socket Error 10054, connection reset by peer" It used to work just fine but for some reason now it keeps getting errors and I cant trasnfer anything over.

I am using the latest version of flashfxp too. IF you need any more info from my end let me know cause I really want to get this fixed.

Ok just noticed that my tvix box reboots during the transfer for some reason. Now I am not sure if its tvix settings or flashfxp...I dont know if flashfxp is causing the tvix to reboot or is the tvix rebooting which is causing flaskfxp to stop...

What does the error really mean? My tvix works fine besides with rebooting at all.

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