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Commands lets you remotely control your FTPserver, from a FTPclinet. (from a computer at your work or other pkaces where you have a client installed)

What you can do is:
Add / Del users
Kick / Ban users
Enable / Disable accounts
and many more.

How to install:
Open FlashFXP, and hit F7, in the new window that opens right click with your mouse and click import, browse to the *.fce file and click ok.

How to use them:
Connect to your GFTPd (remember the account youre connecting to MUST have administrator priviliges)

When youre connected, right click in the remote window, highlight the commands menu, a sub menu will appear, pick GuildFTPd commands and then you will see all the commands.

For more help read the site_commands.txt from your GFTPd folder.
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