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I've tweaked the README file for the next release to indicate how to make ioGUI happy on vista+ machines, but I could use your help in putting together a list of questions you ran into when installing ioFTPD.

You don't need to have answers to the questions (though I'll happily take them), but do take the time to write the questions here so I can get an idea of what people would like answers to...

Also, I'm thinking it's time to modify the forum sections here. ioNinja and FTPServerTool's need their own forums here since they are actively maintained and need to be recognized better. Besides nxTools I'm thinking all the other's scripts should be put in an archive, unsupported, or something subforum...

I'm also looking into formatting the site help stuff for the web and putting that up somewhere so that google, etc can index it and return hits. Maybe even start a wiki or something.
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