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Default FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1572

  1. In this release I eliminated a lot of overhead and unnecessary file operations that were performed prior to each file upload and download. These changes combined with code profiling and optimization have resulted in huge gains in performance and faster transfer queues. And it doesn't stop there, I eliminated UI drawing overhead in numerous places that was causing a performance bottleneck and reducing queue efficiency, I also reworked the task scheduler to disable most of the UI drawing during a schedule since the schedule runs minimized to the tray without user interaction. The performance gains are quite amazing to say the least.

    I conducted a couple different test cases and I've outlined the performance gains below. Most gains are from uploads and downloads, with site to site transfers showing very minor improvements.

    Test case #1: I perform a nightly FTP upload from my machine to a LAN based FTP server where I upload only new or modified files. This queue contains roughly 250k files and the vast majority of them are skipped. In version 4.0 this process takes over 2 hours and 20 minutes when run as a scheduled task. In this new build it takes 10 minutes when run as a scheduled task and about 20min when run directly with the UI visible and active.

    Test case #2: This queue consists of uploading 3k files, downloading 3k files and then transferring the 3k files from site A to site B and then from site B to site A. In version 4.0 this takes 6 minutes and 40 seconds. In this new build it takes 6 minutes 29 seconds. Not a huge improvement but it depends on the situation.
  2. The check free disk space on download feature wasn't properly checking the free space when creating local directories during download which it does now.
  3. I accidentally left a couple debug beeps in the previous release good thing too, The debug beeps indicated that the internal folder structure table was out of sync after performing a remote file delete operation due to an incorrect sequence of commands. This has been resolved and the annoying beeps have been removed.
  4. When adding a new folder bookmark if the name of the bookmark matches an existing bookmark you're now prompted to confirm replacing the existing entry, Previously it would replace the old bookmark without warning.
  5. Fixed a bug on the Attributes (CHMOD) dialog when entering the folder mode directly into the edit box the value was ignored.
  6. In v4.1 Build 1569 I discovered a nasty memory corruption bug that caused havoc with internal memory structures, many of the unusual problems some of you have noticed were caused by this. The memory corruption occurred due to a very unusual chain of events caused by a code change I made to improve the performance of the remote folder navigation. As far as I can tell many previous beta builds are effected by this issue. I urge everyone using a 4.1 beta to upgrade ASAP.

Download Link
Download FlashFXP 4.1 BETA Build 1572

Please post feedback for this beta release in this thread. Do not create a new thread.
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