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Zer0Racer: error number 87 is ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER and based on a quick search seems to indicate that either the command line is too long (32k - unlikely!) or the environmental variables are too long (32k). If you do 'set' from a command prompt it should show you the currently defined variables. ioFTPD then adds to that whatever is in etc/ioftpd.env after expanding all the cookies...

If you have say 25-30k worth of normally defined variables perhaps when ioFTPD adds it's own with longer named directories you are getting errors but with shorter you are fine. My guess is you've installed more software that automatically added some environmental variables or appended its path to the PATH variable and now you are hitting the 32k total limit...

You can modify the list of windows environmental variables via system properties -> advanced system settings -> environmental variables or something like that depending on which version of windows you are running.
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