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I'm not seeing any problems. First, let's double check what is going on.

An FTP client can often issue a SIZE xyz and/or MDTM xyz to verify the file's size and timestamp PRIOR to transferring the file. If the file doesn't exist, because it hasn't been uploaded yet, then of course you're going to get an error, but the client should then upload the file... [I probably should consider removing the themed answer from these so they don't stand out.]

On the other hand, uploading a file, THEN checking it's size isn't a behavior I have seen with the popular FTP clients. I know some support XCRC to verify the checksum of the uploaded bytes, or MDTM to set the timestamp on the newly uploaded file, but I haven't seen post upload size checks. Because ioFTPD supports the MDTM change command and this is done immediately after the file is uploaded and seems to always find the file so I don't see why the SIZE command would have trouble...

I should also point out that Flash v3.x silently issued the SIZE (maybe MDTM?) commands but never showed them to you in the status window which is why you would sometimes see it slowly process queue items that had already been uploaded. Flash v4 shows you the play by play so you can see what is going on which is probably a good thing, but may explain why you aren't used to seeing this done. You can actually control this behavior in v4.

Can you confirm that you are seeing the file uploaded and THEN failing to be found by SIZE and not the other way around?

Carpo: That's correct and expected behavior... See how it tests to see if the file was uploaded by someone else and then starts to setup an FXP from somewhere with the PRET command?
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