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Now that I've released the matchlist feature I'm going back to play with the new FlashFXP command set that I started a while ago. If you've written custom Flash command menus please let me get a copy so I can see other examples in case the way you've organized them makes more sense than how I did it.

One thing I've noticed is that the current help files with ioFTPD aren't quite right. I updated the current help file to have the new/changed commands from the v8.0 helpfile, but they take advantage of a feature or two that only exist in the new v8 help module. It only affects a couple of commands and isn't a big deal, but I expect I'll be updating them shortly with the Flash stuff just in case I find more things I want to change... Besides a cosmetic difference or two the "unworking" part is limit to normal users, SiteOps+ won't notice anything different/wrong.
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