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Default v7.7.1 Changelog

v7.7.1 Release Notes:

1) Files in \System:
   Changed : ioFTPD.[exe,pdb] - Version

*** Bug Fixes

2) A HUGE BUG fixed in how ioFTPD uses the OpenSSL library.  It appears that
   even though I compiled the OpenSSL libraries with thread support they
   provide no default locking implementation!  What kind of idiots are they?
   Oh sure, they provide a default implementation for getting the thread ID
   with all sorts of tests in the source to figure out how to do it on each
   platform, but then they ignore locking on a -DTHREAD compiled library?
   I mean, it isn't like they already distribute the code for the locks in
   the fricken source dir with all the platform tests to get it right, but
   they don't bother to enable it?!?  Did I mention they are idiots?  Heck,
   they even claim that the library is thread safe lots of places but fail
   to mention that isn't really true unless you setup some callbacks!  Anyway,
   ioFTPD internally protects each SSL object so it's in use by just one
   thread at a time, but shared state in the SSL context and cache wasn't being
   protected because it had no locking so sooner or later things would break
   if the server had lots of SSL connections starting/ending at the same time.

3) Fixed a bug with the per-user upload count for users.

4) Fixed a bug where 'site myinfo' wouldn't return an error if too many args
   passed to it, and in some cases wouldn't display anything.
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