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Default ioFTPD v7.7.3 (STABLE) Released

UPDATE: v7.7.2 (it must be .2) appears really stable. So far nobody has reported any crashes and the few sites I can see all have nice uptimes. If you have had stability problems in the past try this version. The switch to OpenSSL might have solved the lockup bug as I hoped (a bizarre dll loader lock bug probably caused by the MS encryption library always triggering dll loads/unloads), but it wasn't until I noticed I screwed up and didn't register locking functions with OpenSSL that it became thread safe and the random crashes stopped.

Looks like I've uncovered a new serious bug in the directory caching code. Probably a good thing I decided to scrap all the existing code are re-write it huh? The previous serious bug I fixed in v7.6 appears to have helped a number of people with stability. I'm hoping this one will as well. This particular bug has to do with the directory locking code that in some cases with a lock holder and 2 waiters leaks handles and does other bad things. The good news has to be that I'm finding these bugs (in code that I didn't write!), the bad news is I didn't find them earlier when I looked before.

For this release I've decided to grab all the pure bug fixes and the "simpler" new features I added for v8 along and put them into this v7.7 release. I'm also considering taking the rest of the v8 changes like the new configuration module which affects a lot of code, user modifiable site flags and the things that depend on that, and TCL access to the ban lists and putting out a v7.8 release That would leave v8 with just the new directory caching stuff so it wouldn't seem like a big deal anymore but it might be the better way to go.

* Matching list ('site user' plus the '--' and '-+' glob prefixes)
* Single-user/admin site close
* Login/logout logfile suppression via user flag
* Limited Banned user support
* Several user-friendly error messages added
* A heck of a lot of bug fixes.

NOTE: Both the TCL/OpenSSL libraries are upgraded and so is the /lib dir so I suggest making a backup of your current ioFTPD directory before upgrading.

**** NOTE: These links will be updated soon. Evidently my ISP has stopped supporting FTP/web pages for all it's users and the links are broken.

Latest Version:

STABLE Version:


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