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The custom list method property will not speed up listing.

However here is a complete list of params that can be used provided the ftp server supports them. (FlashFXP might not be able to handle the output returned from some of these methods)

  -a, --all                  do not hide entries starting with .
  -A, --almost-all           do not list implied . and ..
  -b, --escape               print octal escapes for nongraphic characters
  -B, --ignore-backups       do not list implied entries ending with ~
  -c                         sort by change time; with -l: show ctime
  -C                         list entries by columns
      --color[=WHEN]         control whether color is used to distinguish file
                               types.  WHEN may be `never', `always', or `auto'
  -d, --directory            list directory entries instead of contents
  -D, --dired                generate output designed for Emacs' dired mode
  -f                         do not sort, enable -aU, disable -lst
  -F, --classify             append a character for typing each entry
      --format=WORD          across -x, commas -m, horizontal -x, long -l,
                               single-column -1, verbose -l, vertical -C
      --full-time            list both full date and full time
  -g                         (ignored)
  -G, --no-group             inhibit display of group information
  -i, --inode                print index number of each file
  -I, --ignore=PATTERN       do not list implied entries matching shell PATTERN
  -k, --kilobytes            use 1024 blocks, not 512 despite POSIXLY_CORRECT
  -l                         use a long listing format
  -L, --dereference          list entries pointed to by symbolic links
  -m                         fill width with a comma separated list of entries
  -n, --numeric-uid-gid      list numeric UIDs and GIDs instead of names
  -N, --literal              print raw entry names (don't treat e.g. control
                               characters specially)
  -o                         use long listing format without group info
  -p                         append a character for typing each entry
  -q, --hide-control-chars   print ? instead of non graphic characters
  -Q, --quote-name           enclose entry names in double quotes
  -r, --reverse              reverse order while sorting
  -R, --recursive            list subdirectories recursively
  -s, --size                 print size of each file, in blocks
  -S                         sort by file size
      --sort=WORD            ctime -c, extension -X, none -U, size -S,
      --time=WORD            show time as WORD instead of modification time:
                             atime, access, use, ctime or status
  -t                         sort by modification time; with -l: show mtime
  -T, --tabsize=COLS         assume tab stops at each COLS instead of 8
  -u                         sort by last access time; with -l: show atime
  -U                         do not sort; list entries in directory order
  -w, --width=COLS           assume screen width instead of current value
  -x                         list entries by lines instead of by columns
  -X                         sort alphabetically by entry extension
  -1                         list one file per line
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