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Wink How to download Batch Files using command line

Hey, guys!

* FlashFXP v[4 ].[000 ], build [1540 ], [ Yes]registered
* OS [ Yes] WinXP

Since I bought this copy of RC 4.0.x, it works great. Now, I got a problem of downloading batch files.

My site needs to update a fixed set of files daily. I know the files path, it looks like this:


All those server files needs to be backuped firstly, because somebody else have edited them online. Then I will upload the new files in my local computer.

So the problem is like this:
1. I know what server files needs to be backuped
2. I know how to use FlashFXP to down a file using command line like this:
FLASHFXP -get -localpath="C:\localbase\"

That works great...

3. how to make the whole process automatically running like a BATCH command? I have tried to write a .BAT file like this:
FLASHFXP -get -localpath="C:\localbase\"
FLASHFXP -get -localpath="C:\localbase\"

It opens one FlashFXP window to download a file, then I have to close it, then it opens another...

That really made me feel despaired. There are about 120 files needs to be backuped, I don't think this is the solution I need.

Please let me know how you guys deal with this situation.

Best Regards,

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