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I am using FlashFXP 4.2.0 (build 1730) and I just switched to the German translation.
I noticed that "Options" in the menu bar (the one next "Queue") is not translated yet, and I wanted to fix it. When I wanted to insert my translation, I noticed that somebody already translated it (and did that well), but it does not show up in FlashFXP yet.
Should I simply wait for the new version in which it is included, or is this perhaps a bug, and it will never use the German translation?
Thank you very much for your wonderful program, it is one of the best purchases I ever made in my life!

ps: The one who did the German translations really did them great. It is not easy to find a good balance of English terms that should stay English, and those terms that should really be translated to German. He did it great. It is a pleasure to look at them.
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