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Originally posted by Sig Carson
The first Windows FTP client that supports implicit SSL, FXP, and Clear Data Channel is going to make a killing. Everyone is waiting for this capability... I sure hope FlashFXP is the first (since it's the best FXP client ;-)
Actually, the new SmartFTP (build 0966.5 released today) supports both implicit and explicit.
Not sure if it's out to the public yet as it's an internal release.

Bad thing about SmartFTP is that it doesn't transfer .sfv files first like FlashFXP, so that makes SmartFTP pretty much useless for me.

I sure hope FlashFXP can support implicit/explicit SSL, so I won't need WinSSLWrapper set up to work with FlashFXP to connect to SSL protected (explicit) glftpd sites.

FlashFXP rules! Hope it'll catch up with the other FTPs that are already supporting SSL (CuteFTP, SmartFTP, and possibly others).
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