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Default ioDiz: output diz file on entering dir

This itcl script outputs the diz file on entering a dir which contains a file_id.diz.

# this shows the diz file on list
# put the following in ioftpd.ini:
# [FTP_Post-Command_Events]
# list = TCL ..\scripts\ioDiz\iodiz.itcl
proc show_diz {} {
	global path
	set path [string map {\\ /} $path]
	if {![file exists "$path/file_id.diz"]} {return}
	set fileid [open "$path/file_id.diz" r]
	set db [read $fileid]
	close $fileid
	foreach lined [split $db \n] {
		if {![string equal "" $lined]} {
			iputs -nobuffer "150-$lined"
Ideally it should first check the path if its /0day or something similair but this just checks all dirs.
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