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Today I get completely different behaviour to yesterday. The test build does clarify a little though.

What I see today, with the and the test build alike, is that if I click on any folder in the local tree panel (regardless of which side is local) -- the local tree panel takes ownership of wheel events and vetoes anything Tordex Wheel or FlashFXP wants to do instead (I've quit Tordex Wheel, no change with it closed).

With any folder focused in the local tree panel, the "[21:56:01] Scroll wheel up- Handled: true" events are not generated, so something within whatever class you're using has decided that it should handle scrolling by itself and it's not allowing anything whatsoever to override. I don't know whether Delphi fires events bottom up or top down, but again, Tordex Wheel should be able to intercept wheel events and direct them to the appropriate window (including panels) and it's not being allowed to.

Yesterday, though, I would find that if I selected either tree panel, the opposite one would scroll only one step in either direction while the selected one would scroll as normal. I don't see this at all now with the same build I was running yesterday, which is really frustrating.

Looks like there are various problems, but the test build has highlighted the problem with at least one of them!
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