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IntelliMouse Optical 1.1 in Win XP SP3 32-bit. I've seen this behaviour for a while, I just didn't spend time figuring out what it was doing as I had work to do. I've since installed IntelliPoint 8.0 together with the official IMO driver, and nothing has changed. Prior to that, I was using the stock HID USB mouse driver with XP.

Tordex Wheel doesn't cause the problem, but it should remedy it the way it does every other application. That it doesn't, indicates that FlashFXP itself is taking over the wheel events and handling them manually, making this an internal bug within the application. Also, Tordex Wheel should force the transcript pane to scroll when the cursor is over it, but you're explicitly blocking that from occurring.

[Edit: I assume you clicked a folder in the left panel first and left that control focused? That's what triggers it -- it causes that control to take the wheel focus events because it's focused even if FlashFXP is trying to scroll what's under the mouse at the same time. I am guessing it's some sort of Delphi built-in behaviour that's competing with FlashFXP's code.]
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