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Default Wheel scrolling target incorrect

To reproduce, click any folder in the left tree panel.

Now hover the cursor over any other panel, and roll the mouse wheel. The right tree panel and either listing panel will scroll by one line and stop, and the left tree panel will scroll instead. The transcript panel won't scroll at all.

FlashFXP 3 introduced a modern behaviour where it would scroll whichever control is under the cursor, but this appears to have completely broken down. The status panel itself won't scroll with the wheel unless focused first.

I installed Tordex Wheel some time ago, which causes the window under the cursor to be scrolled with the wheel (the Mac/Linux behaviour), but FlashFXP is either designed in non-standard way, preventing Tordex Wheel or similar apps from correctly seeing each panel as a window, or it's intercepting wheel events strongly and stopping Tordex Wheel from solving the problem. Tordex Wheel for example works flawlessly in Explorer, where it will scroll whichever of the tree view or file area the cursor is over, likewise it handles FileZilla's various file and tree panels perfectly (since they refuse to support sensible scrolling in Windows even if Vista now changed the rules in favour of the modern Mac/Linux behaviour, which I did point out, and they won't listen).

In this case, the problem is still there without Tordex Wheel -- I quit it for a minute and still got exactly the same behaviour, so it's a internal conflict within FFXP between native and modern wheel scrolling where two windows are trying to accept the wheel events at once.

Tordex Wheel has absolutely no effect on FFXP, doesn't even let me scroll the status panel without focusing it.
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