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Unhappy FlashFXP + SSL + Windows 7 = 530-Valid hostname is expected.


I've been stuck on this error for a while and I'm sure it's something trivial. I set up an FTP on my local box and I'm trying to validate that I can connect to it using FlashFXP. I am running Windows 7 and IIS7. I have also set up my FTP site to accept an SSL certificate.

When I connect I receive the following messages:

[00:02:55] [R] Connecting to -> IP= PORT=21
[00:02:55] [R] Connected to
[00:02:55] [R] 220 Microsoft FTP Service
[00:02:55] [R] AUTH SSL
[00:02:55] [R] 234 AUTH command ok. Expecting TLS Negotiation.
[00:02:55] [R] Connected. Negotiating SSL session..
[00:02:55] [R] SSL negotiation successful...
[00:02:55] [R] SSL encrypted session using cipher AES128-SHA (128 bits)
[00:02:55] [R] PBSZ 0
[00:02:55] [R] 200 PBSZ command successful.
[00:02:55] [R] USER XXXXXXX
[00:02:55] [R] 530-Valid hostname is expected.
[00:02:55] [R] Win32 error: No such host is known.
[00:02:55] [R] Error details: Hostname didn't match any configured ftp site.
[00:02:55] [R] 530 End
[00:02:55] [R] Connection failed
[00:02:55] [R] Delaying for 120 seconds before reconnect attempt #1
[00:02:57] [R] Retry attempt Aborted

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with Virtual Hosts but the error indicates that I'm unable to connect. I have my host file reflecting all static IPs so I'm not sure what the error means. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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