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I have tried to re-create this failure and have not been able to do so.
However right now with or without using a winsock, when trying to connect to a Microsoft FTP Service (Version 5.0), it keeps trying to re-connect ever second. I have it set to 61 seconds as teh retry setting but it is not working. I tried with and with a winsock and got the same results.


I wanted to add some more info.
I am fxping from this microsoft ftp server using a sock 4 right now and it is working just fine. I then connected to this same MS ftp server without a socks 4 proxy. Right now there are too many connections to this ftp server but flashfxp keeps retrying to connect every second. I have flashfxp set to 61 seconds but that does not matter. I have never changed that setting.

Thanks again. I hope you can recreate this bug
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