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Originally Posted by kieranmullen View Post
If people wanted command line tools they probably would not be using a windows based ftp program would they?

Obviously it would be a new feature to be written in, thus this is the request.

This is why developers do not make good sales people.

No, you don't need that. Stop asking. Want more features too bad. Our software is perfect and we will not accept any requests or critical judgements against it..

Simply ridiculous.

JungleDisk used to be great software which allowed for this but they changed their model to a subscription based service. Rather than a one time $30 fee. I have not looked for a substitute but hopefully there are alternatives.
YOUR reply is simply ridiculous!
I'm not a developer and not a sales person. i don't work for flashfxp.
I did not say or even implied that he does not need this feed or to stop asking!
I simply stated the current situation and since flashfxp does not support it, alternative solutions to his problem!
why don't you triple re-read what was asked and what i answered!

if you are in a bad mood, keep it off this forum!
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