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Default Issues of post command events & connection transfer count

ioFTPd Version: 7.0.0

Here is part of the ioFTPD.ini file:
user = TCL ..\scripts\test.itcl pre_user
pass = TCL ..\scripts\test.itcl pre_pass

user = TCL ..\scripts\test.itcl post_user
pass = TCL ..\scripts\test.itcl post_pass
And here is "..\scripts\test.itcl":
iputs -nobuffer $args
But this's what I get when I log in:
220 FTP Server ready.
user ioFTPD
pre_user user ioFTPD
331 Password required for ioFTPD.
pass ioFTPD
pre_pass pass ioFTPD
post_pass pass ioFTPD
230-User ioFTPD from, welcome to our FTP server.
The question is, where is the "post_user" command? I've noticed that it said "These are called after the real command successfully completed." in [FTP_Post-Command_Events].
Is that because the error code (ioPrefix) is 3xx- instead of 2xx-, so that the "user" command never returns success?

Another question:

How can I do if I want to count the total transfer amount of one specified connection (CID) in an ioFTPd iTCL script? I have browsed the iTCL commands list reference by Yil, but it turned out to be nothing. Finally, I tried to modify the source file: commented out Line 469 in MessageHandler.c can make "client who(OnlineData)>>TransferSize" not to be zeroed when a new transfer begins. (What is commented is: "lpClient->Static.i64TotalBytesTransfered = 0;") But there still remains a problem, which is, when the transfer speed is high, "TransferSize" will be quite smaller than the actual transferred size. I think there's a good chance the reason is when the transfer is completed, the rest amount won't been counted. But I have no idea how to do to fix this.

Thank Yil and any others who finish reading my post.

p.s. I've made two changes to ioFTPD v7. One is adding "Deny_Encrypted_Data" to [FTP_Service] to choose not to allow ssl data transfer while ssl auth and list are permitted; Another one is adding ClientType data to OnlineData in iTCL. And do not allow ClientType change, i.e. deny the second CLNT request. I wish Yil could add these features to newer ioFTPD versions, and I can provide the modified source file if needed.

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