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Some users faced a similar problem with Windows Vista when connecting to ftp servers running drFTP, the problem was specific to the ftp server and OpenSSL that FlashFXP uses for SSL/TLS connections.

When you upgraded OpenSSL did you put the updated DLLs in the FlashFXP program folder? If you didn't then FlashFXP may not use the updated DLLs.

You can determine the version of OpenSSL being used by FlashFXP by looking in the ftp session window.

If all else fails you can try adjusting the TCP/IP buffer size setting in FlashFXP and see if it improves the performance any.

If you use a 3rd party firewall or Windows Firewall you can try removing FlashFXP from the allow list and applying the changes, and then going back and manually adding it back. Sometimes simply adding and removing the rule can have a huge impact on performance or functionality.
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