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Default Low Bandwith with Win7 and TLS FTP-Sites


I use Win7 and a 32MB/s Internet line.
Since I move to Windows 7 all FTP connections at TLS FTP Server only can reach the half bandwith. This value is sticked, not less but also not more.
FTP-Server without TLS are a little bit better but not significant.
Also I not able to connect to this TLS sites in the first try (connection lost) the second try always works.
Sites without TLS dont have this problem.
Meanwhile I install the OpenSSL stack with the sugestion that the Win7 SSL stack cause the problem but it have no effect - only 50% bandwith.

Also it dosen't care if I use a beta or normal version of Flashfxp. The problem ist always the same.
I try some other FTP Clients they all of them can use the complete bandwith.

I score this problem as a knockout feataure for me, for a good reason I have 32MB/s if I cant use this I need an other FTP Client. But this is badly for me because I like FlashFXP. For my needs the perfect client but I tranfere big data amounts daily from FTP Sites.

What can I do?

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