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Default Linking up an FTP (VLS). Possible?

Hey there!

Is it possible to link up an ftp in io? Like, for example, I want a directory TEST to lead to
In other words, a VFS entry would look smth like this:
"C:\ioFTPD\FTP-ROOT-DIR\TEST"	/ftp://user:pass@ip:port/DIRNAME/

1) Can io already do smth like that?
2) Is there a script or any other type of ann-in that could do that?

I know for a fact that some other ftpds can do that, like GENE6 (works, but not with particular server I need) or RaidenFTPD (limited to linking to other Raidens only). So that's why I'm looking for another/alternative solution.

P.S. // linking is not an option, unfortunately, since it's an FTP server.
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