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Yea, here what I did exactly -

1st Download (from your post)
2nd Extracted to c:\ioFTPD
3rd edit only this file c:\ioFTPD\etc\default.vfs (as shown just below)
4th Ran c:\ioFTPD\ioFTPD-Start.exe
5th Approx 1 or 2 second later, ioftpd.exe killed itself.

I just can't think how it crashes because I've not installed any scripts, touched anything (apart from that default.vfs) - it's a straight fresh from the

The only solution I got it to work is by getting that default.vfs to have 1 virtual path (as 1 line only) (as shown just below)
That doesn't crashes ioftpd.exe.

At first when it crashes, I first thought that the path was an error, then I checked the path myself and they're correct and even tho, I use my old default.vfs that I have been using for years from older ioftpd (even the registered version of ioFTPD as you can see my profile) which never gives me that problem.

The only way I have to get it to work is by creating another vfs for the multiple lines i.e. somethingelse.vfs

For that DELAY=TRUE you mentioned, I'm not quite familiar what it does exactly? - I have tried disabling it and enabling it, I can't see any different when I log on to my own FTP? - It is because I only have 1 folder (UPLOADS)?

Colt45 (aka GT4 - you can find me in #ioFTPD @ efnet for the next few days maybe weeks - or permanently! )
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