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I'm not sure I understand. If a file has 000 permissions nobody but M (and soon V) flagged users should have access to it. Since only VM flagged users can use site chmod anyway that isn't a big deal. I suppose it's possible drFTPD always allows the original owner of a file access regardless of permissions but ioFTPD just uses the permissions. So, no other regular user will have access to a chmod 000 file.

Are you familiar with the -R option to chown/chmod? You can do "site chown -R ioFTPD:ioftpd foo" and that will change the foo directory and everything under it back to the default. You can also do things like "site chown -R <user> foo/" (note the trailing '/') which will change the foo directory and ONLY subdirectories (no files) below it. That combo of commands would allow you to set whatever permissions you wanted on any directory tree and end up with different perms for files than directories... I though it a pretty cool feature when I added it.
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