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If the site is returning a lan IP then you need to enable the option "Site uses IPMASQ/NAT/Non-routable IP" for the site in the site manager.

Not all FTP servers fully support FXP, Even FXPing between the same type of ftp server can cause problems.

I am not familiar with pure-ftpd and I don't know anything about it. It could be to blame for these problem or it might be the other ftp servers.

This line below, do you know which ftp server software returned it?
150 Data connection accepted from error:error; transfer starting for Twins.mpg.

error:error has been mentioned many times on the message board and in all instances when this error appears the file ends up incomplete. This problem is caused by the ftp server but I really don't know much about it. I'm pretty much in the dark.
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