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I confess. I have been using cracked versions of FlashFXP (and other programs). Though now i decided to put all this behind me and started ordering legal versions of the software i use.

This means that i will be ordering FlashFXP in a very short period of time. Though i got some concerns.

I am aware that FlashFXP has some special anti-cracking tricks. So when i order how can i be sure that FlashFXP will see that the new version in fact IS a legal version and forget about the anti-crack things?

Now i know that you can't reveal how the checks are made, and i don't want to know. What i would like to know is what i should do to get a 100% working and registered version.

Is installing into a new dir enough?
Should i completely uninstall the program?
Should i manually clean the registry?
Should i re-install windows?

Please advice me on this matter.

And may i please encourage EVERYONE to PAY for the software you use. It's worth the money - especially FlashFXP :-)

Thank you
joc - a soon to be registered user.