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Default Pb start with ioFTPD

Hello, i'm french and i know my english is not well. So i hope that you will understand me.

I downloaded ioftpd ioFTPD v6.4.3 Released. I used ioFTPD Documentation Installation Guide to start and when i try to connect me with default login and pass (ioFTPD) it doesn't work.

in flashfxp, i have this:
WinSock 2.0 -- OpenSSL 0.9.8g 19 Oct 2007
[R] En train de se connecter à -> IP= PORT=1919
[R] Connecté à
[R] 220 FTP Server ready.
[R] 331 Password required for ioFTPD.
[R] PASS (hidden)
[R] 530 Login failed: Invalid password.
[R] Échec de la connexion
[R] Mise en Attente de 120 secondes avant la tentative de reconnexion N°1
in iogui2, i have this :
23:28:16 wSock_Error() -> Connection is forcefully rejected (10061)
23:28:16 ----------- connection closed -----------
What is the probleme ?

Thank for your reply.
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