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Question OpenSSH and FXP setting

I already have an OpenSSH server configured and running well.
I have also implemented a chroot jail. No problems there.

My problem is that someone is asking me to allow server-to-server
transfers with the FXP 'protocol' used by FTP clients such as FlashFXP on Windows.
Their reasoning is that SFTP is not transferring as fast as using the FXP option.

I will only allow changes to be made as long as SSL/TLS is still used.
Is there something in the OpenSSH settings that will allow FXP to be enabled?
I can't find anything so it seems that I may need to install Pure-FTPD and restrict user IP addresses.

I did see that you are working on SFTP in the Beta version, will this help my cause?
I also saw instructions in FAQ for Pro-ftpd and wu-ftpd, but I'd rather keep OpenSSH for FTP purposes, if at all possible.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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