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It looks like you are running a 3rd party script and it isn't configured properly or something. There is no "login.log" file in the default configuration of ioFTPD. If however you just got the filename wrong and you were referring to "Error.log" then this error just means the account you were trying to login to doesn't have a hostmask that matches the IP/host you are trying to connect from. Try adding *@* to the account to see if that fixes it via "site addip <user> *@*".

If it really is hanging then it's most likely a script at fault. NxTools triggers off the PASS command for server open/close, as does ioDELUSER, etc. Check FTP_Pre-Command_Events and FTP_Post-Command_Events for PASS. Most other scripts use the login Event and wouldn't be running if you tried to login and saw a matching error.log entry complaining allowed hosts, but of course if you really are logging in then these could be at fault as well so check the OnFtpLogIn event...
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