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I'm a bit worried about where ioFTPD is heading. One of ioFTPD's real strengths is the script support. And as the old ioFTPD veteran I am I like to keep many things in it as neat as possible and just add the features/scripts that I want to use. Imho some of the additions that have been made could've just as easily been managed by scripts.

It seems Yil is also stepping closer and closer to the role of a scripter, but instead of making awesome scripts that extend ioFTPD's horizon, everything is coded into the source. In my opinion Yil should try to make scripts too (or even modules) that add functionality beyond the regular stable source. Why not try to make eg. a solid zipscript the way you think it should be? This way you can test alot of new ideas and also see what is not so easy to do in the script(s) and think about which additions that can be made to io's source to make the scripting easier. No?

But don't get me wrong, Yil's work on the source is awesome making ioFTPD better than it has ever been with bugs fixed and (some) useful new features.
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