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Heyas FTP. Right now I'm trying to put each minor release source online so for instance you can grab 6.3.0 now if you want to play as it's on site. If you do poke around and actually decide to work on it, I'll be happy to provide the latest version or setup shop on sourceforge or something.

As for lua, etc the script module system can very easily be expanded to provide support for additional languages. It wouldn't be that large of a task.

o_dog: Actually there were two things that I was hoping to achieve. The first is to make adding and switching between scripts easier. I've setup or helped debug lots of sites now and configuring sections witha variety of zipscripts can be annoying. But FAR more annoying is when someone changes the VFS but forgets to update the script AND/or sitebot and then things start breaking...

It's bad enough ioFTPD doesn't have a graphical configuration tool, but zipscript and sitebot maintenance really should be something we try to solve and some uniformity would be really nice...
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