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Default Addons and the future!

I've been encouraged by a few things recently:

Originally Posted by Tuff
ioTOOLS WILL return in the new year
Originally Posted by neoxed
nxMyDB v0.4.0 ... possibly release candidate. [a very welcome module for some people]

Coming Soon - nxTools v1.1
Originally Posted by Harm
For reference, in upcoming versions... [signs of life?]
Originally Posted by o_dog
ioNiNJA ALPHA released [with multiple updates no less!]
Those are just some current posts I saw, but others scripts like FTPServerTools I believe are still alive as well.

Feel free to comment with other scripts / addons that are actively being developed or maintained and whether source is public.

I'm also HIGHLY interested in coming up with a common configuration file for the various scripts for all the common features. I'm thinking a TCL file with things like incomplete tags options, what to do with bad uploaded files, etc. It wouldn't even be necessary to modify existing scripts if people wrote a translator of these common options into the script specific configuration files...

If the script writers get together I'll fully get behind this and work with you guys to develop a new .vfs file format say .vfx (extended-vfs) or something that would enable all sorts of things to be defined in one place. Almost every bot and script ends up having the vfs file redefined somewhere to get sections names, or parses the .vfs file themselves. I'm thinking at the minimum ioFTPD should include a bunch of new builtin functions to provide this info and if someone proposes an interface I'll implement the features. Heck, I'll even come up with the interface if I get commitments from scripters to use it in a public release.

Anyway, just tossing some stuff out there.
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