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Default Live Update

I do not want to begin a new discussion on the "Calling Home"-topic, so please don't make this thread one.

I just wanted to ask/suggest that a info-box pops up right after you register Flash. This box should have a question about whether or not it's okay to check the registered key. It should have 3 buttons - "Yes, go ahead", "No, exit" and "View License".

I think this will satisfy all parties, as you won't feel violated when the update-box just suddenly starts working (which I think is the main reason for this rumor on calling home). Should you select "No, exit", the program should delete the info of registration and continue in "demo-mode".

Now, for the record - yes, I'm already a customer/user of Flash. A happy one. It took a long time for me to register (275days overdue I think it said on the popup - I needed the SSL-capabilities, and I just hate Cute ). So this is not for my benefit. It's just my two cents.

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