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Lightbulb "remote Flashfxp"

As many people already know , the ICS(Windows Internet Sharing Protocoll) don't support FXP, when you are behind a ICS. I have thinked on this problem and have a great idea. Since FLASHFXP is for FXP'ing, this new "REMOTE FLASHFXP" will be nice stuff. Because isent FLASHFXP for FXP'ing?? Like running the FLASHFXP in the "REMOTE FLASHFXP MODE" on the ICS computer so the other LAN user's can connect it from the LAN. Then FLASHFXP have a new thing, and its FXP. Because if you think on intruders from the internet, like connection the REMOTE FLASHFXP , then there should be a nice TEXTBOX somewhere to enabled a option that only ALLOWED IP'S ARE ALLOWED TO USE THE SERVE. Like 192.168.0.* (192.168.0.* is dedicated for LAN use) so I whould use. I hope this addon can be done since many people behind ICS will use FXP but they can't because of the ICS. Many of my friend liked my idea and here I reported it , hope the FlashFXP Team understand our message...

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