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Default Problem with Icon in Taskbar

This seems to be a problem like this posted before.

I can't reproduce nor explain the exact situation, but the FlashFXP icon in the shortcut-taskbar often changes to an icon of a program that im using besides FlashFXP at the same time or changing to an icon of a program I was using, before the icon changed. I can get the original icon back by clicking right mouse button over the FlashFXP-Shortcut-Icon - Properties - Other Symbol.

I hope the english translation is well and someone can understand what i wrote

This problem was also present in older versions that I tested (above 1.4) I dont know the exact versions

My System:

Win 2k German with SP2 (fresh installation)
P3 1000 Mhz
512 MB RAM
IE 5.5 SP2
Flash FXP RC2 Build 867

Any suggestions?
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