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Default Retry count on every site on the queue


In FlashFXP 2.0RC2 (Donno about older versions):

The retry count feature does not behave as I want it, in the scenario that the queue has a list of files from several sites. When one of those sites is down, Flash will try to connect, say, 3 times, and then quit trying at all.

I would like there's an option where Flash, after an unsuccessfull number of retries on a site, resets the retry count to 0 and starts connecting to the next site on the queue. That way I wouldn't need to check out flashfxp every so often.

Of course, this can be fixed by using several fxp windows, but I care about the memory footprint, and also I dont think its difficult to implement, is it?

Thanks for a great software. Its best feature is its good support!

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