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Two things. First, there are very few instances where you need to use the bind= option and this isn't one of them. Just comment the line out.

Second, you may want to set the host= line for external users to get the correct address in the PASV response. Check the ioFTPD.ini file and see what configuration best matches your situation and what I recommend setting the value at.

If you do set host= then external users are probably happy (which is good), but locally you may notice that you can connect to the server, but lists/transfers either don't work at all or you get corrupted transfers and/or slow speeds. What happens depends on how well your local router/firewall handles the case of noticing you trying to talk to yourself via the external IP and routing it to the correct internal IP.

The solution is for you to tell your FTP client to use the server's IP address instead of the one returned in the PASV command for your local FTP servers. In flash, the option is something like "use site IP for..." under site options.

In short, I've found that it's far better to get the configuration correct for external users and set the "use site IP" locally since it saves a lot of hand holding for users who aren't experienced with setting site options or even worse trying to use FTP clients which don't have the necessary options.
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