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Default AlcoBot time to complete problem

Hello, i'm using ioFTPd 6.1.4 and AlcoBot 1.2.0 and iosfvv2.0 beta 1.56
i have a problem with announce msg on the channel:

[MP3] First File: xxxx Uploaded xxx In TEST At xKB/s Estimated Size xMB Time To Completion 1h 4m 53s

it shows always a 1h in front of mins and secs


[MP3] Halfway: .... Time To Completion 1h 2m 10s

and also on complete it says

[MP3] Complete: xxx Was Completed By 1 Racer From 1 Group [xxxMB in xxxF at xKB/s in 1h 13m 31s] Compression method: m0

but the real time is 13m 31s

why this? maybe a bad configured variable?

same problem on a win2k machine a winXP SP1 and winXP SP2
same problem on every folder uploaded
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