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Default iSeries transfers?

Hi, I've been using FlashFXP for a number of years for fxping and ftping on windows boxes but wanted to try doing some of my laborious day to day work stuff with the client.
One of the things I have to do is FTP between 2 iSeries boxes (IBM AS/400's for the old skoolers!). I've been trying to eliminate the need to drag the files from one box to another via my PC as the antivirus goes into overtime along with the network overhead, the resul tis its taking a few hours to transfer just under a gig of data via a LAN with Gigabit switches from a gigabit enabled box to a 100meg enabled box.

After a bit of playing I've managed to come up with the iSeries commands when FTPing directly from the host box to the destination, but i'm having little luck in transferring files from the host iSeries to my windows PC using FlashFXP.

I'm currently using a process that looks something like this when signed onto my host box and ftping into the destination using Client Access:

NAMEFMT 1 <-- to get the host into the right nameformat for savefiles
LCD /QOPT/CDLABEL <--- to get to a mounted CD Drive on the host
QUOTE SITE NAMEFMT 1 <--- to get the destination box into the right name format to automatically create files on transfer
CD /QOPT/CDLABEL <-- to get to the mounted optical writer on the target
BIN <-- Binary Mode!!

If I try using RAW commands within Flashfxp, it only processes the first 4 characters of the command which aren't recognised by the iSeries

Any suggestions would be appreciated
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