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Default Queue Format (.fqf)

As of FlashFXP v4.x the information below is not 100% accurate.

If you are interested in generating queue files externally please contact us.

0 = file
1 = folder

Transfer Direction
0 = -->
1 = <--
2 = Up Left
3 = Down Left
4 = Up Right
5 = Down Right
10+ = failed transfer

Site names start with a (ASCII 2) to allow for backwards comaptiblity.

For a FTP transfer you use - (ASCII 45) to identfy the the local side.

Each line consists of the following field separated by (ASCII 1)
1. File Type
2. Direction
3. Source Host (site name as shown in site manager)
4. Target Host (site name as shown in site manager)
5. Source Filename (full path to source)
6. Target Filename (full path to target)
7. File Size

A queue entry consists of a single line followed by CR/LF

<file type> [1] <direction> [1] <source host> [1] <target host> [1] <source file> [1] <target file> [1] <file size> [CR/LF]
[1] = ASCII character 1

To better understand the format a space was added between [1] and the field, When you create a entry there should be no spaces.

Source or Target Host can be either the exact name as shown in the sites.dat for the site entry or a ftp url ftp://user:pass@host:port, When using a site entry from the Sites.dat the name must be prefixed with ASCII character 2

Below is an example for a Site Manager Site
<file type> [1] <direction> [1] [2]<source in site manager> [1] [2] <target in site manager> [1] <source file> [1] <target file> [1] <file size> [CR/LF]
Below is an example for a ftp url
<file type> [1] <direction> [1] <source ftp://> [1] <target ftp://> [1] <source file> [1] <target file> [1] <file size> [CR/LF]

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