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Originally Posted by jeza View Post
i think problem was by tuffs zipscript, iosfv is writing race info to .ioftpd files i think
Nope, otherwise people would have just avoided his zipscript

Can't say what causes it but it occurs on lotsa different setups.

My usual base setup is ioFTPD, ioA, dzsbot, php_psio, newdir, sitewho, sC, nxIoFileCheck.

nxIoFileCheck definately isn't the cause, it's a work around to get past the issue and I *think* it ocurred before I started using sC.

If any of the people who went with purely nx scripts have the issue that will rule out all of the above.

Not really noticed anything about when it occurs, and it's usually noticed when the site starts random crashing which is eventually narrowed down to occurring when someone enters a particular dir (or at least, that was the case before the nxIoFileCheck script, now it's often picked up before it's noticed).

And from what I remember said of it by D1, I don't think the issue is that io files get over 4k per se, the issue is that he didn't forsee it occurring so the variable that handles io files can't deal with over 4k.

It could even be if you're working on the wrong build it's not there, panic fixed it in 5.8.6 I think, it just then had other issues.

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